Little Miss Chatterbox

I was at a friend of a friend’s house (technically we used to be friends in college too, just didn’t keep in touch) for a Superbowl party this past weekend.  Things were going great.  We had pigs in a blanket, cheese dip, yuengling…really everything I could ask for…plus some great friends with me.

There were only about six of us (and two cats), but it was perfect for watching the game down in the basement and enjoying each other’s company.  Well, the game starts up and so do I.  I guess I talk a lot during games, which some people don’t like…because by the third quarter, no one was responding to my smart alec remarks or sports trivia commentary anymore.  It’s not like I was talking about things wholly irrelevant to the game, I was talking about football.  We all cared about football right?  I just got a weird feeling that it was unappreciated.  Then I thought about it some more and thought, maybe they’re right and I am just a little annoying to watch games with….

I always viewed sporting events and watching games with friends as a social activity.  It’s an excuse to watch a great game and catch up with friends.  Plus, it’s basically the only chance I get to have a sports-interested audience at my disposal so I can run fantasy football options by them or gossip about the baseball trade deadline, or whatever.  It’s like going to a concert and dancing or singing along, right?  Or is it like going to a movie and providing commentary in a theater while the other person is trying to watch?

It’s not like I was talking during every play and it’s not like I wasn’t paying attention to the game.  Most of my comments would refer to a bad call or a missed catch and I’d say something like “oh, remember that bad call in whatever game” or “that guy fumbles more than anyone…he was lucky the whole season long and you just knew his big fumble moment was going to happen at some point” (referring to Mendy of course).  Is there anything wrong with that?  I may have talked about the throwback uniforms that the Packers should have worn instead of having both players wear yellow pants out on the field (it can get confusing for some).  I talked about how exciting it would be if we got to see the new overtime rules go into effect.  I talked about how Rodgers was from Chico and went to Cal so a lot of Californians are now Packer fans.  I talked about Brett Favre and how much this MUST be a sign that his reign is over and a new king is in town in Green Bay.  I may have talked about Mike Tomlin and how I am still weirded out about how I don’t remember how he got to a head coaching position.

I guess that all could have been annoying.  But isn’t that what Superbowl parties are supposed to be like?  Aren’t we supposed to have prop bets and poke fun at whoever’s team is losing.  Aren’t we supposed to scream at the TV and demand challenge flags?  Isn’t it supposed to be somewhat interactive?  I mean, that’s what being a football spectator is all about right?  Or am I missing something?

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