Getting Luck

Everyone is talking about Stanford.  When they aren’t talking about Jim Harbaugh leaving Stanford to go to (well, everyone thinks they’re coming to their franchise…I think he’s going to the 49ers, where there is talent and where he gets to stay in the Bay Area and doesn’t have to share the NFC with his brother, John) somewhere, they’re talking about Andrew Luck.  Apparently, he’s one of the best draft prospects in the past couple decades and one of the few talented QBs that can come in and really transform a franchise.  Wouldn’t it be funny if he ended up back with his old coach….

So how good IS Luck.  And how much will teams be willing to pay for him if Carolina decides to auction it’s #1 pick in the April draft?  I cannot wait for the NFL draft to see teams scramble to get this guy.  I mean, Luck is good, he’s one of the best and he’s so young that there is time to develop his talent into something that withstands the test of time.  He would be something a team would build their franchise around.  But is he that good?

He’s described as an “aw shucks” guy off the field and an “assassin on the field”.  That’s EXACTLY the kind of quarterback people want.  Someone that people will like, won’t get into a lot of trouble and will just absolutely crush his opponents.  But let’s talk about something else…he came in SECOND for the Heisman, to Cam Newton, another quarterback.  So why are we talking about Luck and not Newton?  A few reasons, but the biggest one is….the Heisman is a popularity contest.  It almost never measures actual success in the draft or in the NFL.  Luck didn’t have the team around him that Newton did (evident by the fact that Auburn is playing in the championship and Stanford in the Orange Bowl).  The SEC gets much more air time than the PAC-10 when it comes to football and I’m sure Newton showcased his talent on a national stage more often than Luck (which is hard to believe if anyone actually watched Stanford play and play well every time they were aired).  Newton is a big guy.  6’6”, 247, strong arm and dynamic.  Luck is a little more silent, yet with a passer rating of around, oh 166, he clearly is an amazing candidate, and at 6’4” 235 definitely has a great QB build for the pros.  

Out of all the Heisman candidates from last year, it is Suh, who while got a nomination nod, did not win, who, I believe has made the biggest impact in the pros.  The guy is a monster on the field and has made a big difference in the way the Lions can run their defense.  He made the pro bowl this year.  

So does that make Luck the best.  I hate saying it, but yes.  The guy is smart, knows his reads, has a strong and accurate arm and is mobile.  I can’t overestimate the impact that getting Luck will have on a lowly NFL team, but it will be fun watching them fight it out.  

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