Can’t put a price on selling your soul

Cliff Lee did not sign with the Yankees.  The Yankees put more money on the table than the other guys, and put more years in the contract than the guys who got him, but Lee pushed it right back and signed with the Phillies (hell, for 99% of America, does it even matter who he signed with as long as it wasn’t with the Yanks?).  Made me really think that there was hope for these athletes yet.  In an age where all you hear about is money and contracts and extensions and holdouts, here we have a guy who thought about something else.  He thought about the city, the heart, the fans, where he wanted to be, and where his family was happy before he came to Texas.  Looks like you can’t put a price on selling your soul, some people just do it anyways.

On another note, hot damn Phillies pitching is not going to suck.  Mets better prepare for another tough year in the NL East.

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