Do I have to be a Giants fan now?

So I have lived in the Bay Area for over six years.  I lived in the city of San Francisco for 5 of those years, and in Berkeley for the past year and change.  My boyfriend is a Giants fan.  Most of my friends in the area are Giants fans. Even my boss, who is an A’s fan, is a Giants fan.  

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no cable television or access to newspapers and the internet, you’ve heard that the Giants are not only in the world series, but are up 2-0 (I’m watching Game 3 now and it’s not looking good for the gigantes).  Everyone is wearing Panda hats and fake beards and shirts that say FREAK on them.  There is a fever spreading.

When the Giants were playing the Phillies in the NLCS, one of the games fell on a Sunday.  That Sunday, the Redskins were playing the Colts.  I went to my favorite neighborhood dive bar, the Kingfish, to watch.  There are two TVs in the Kingfish.  I figure, this will be easy, one will be baseball and one will be football.  I mean, people like football, right?  wrong.  I was the only one watching the football game, had to fight for the TV and only got possession because I got there early and asked the owner to keep the crappier TV on the NFL game.  Since when did San Franciscans care about sports?  Most are fair-weather if you ask me.  Find a die-hard baseball fan, go east.  Find a die-hard football fan, go south.

It was easy cheering for the Giants against the Phillies.  Phillies are division rivals of the Mets, and have had recent success.  I wanted to see them go down in flames.  Now against the Rangers, well, I just think you have to root against Texas on all accounts.  But do I want the Giants to win?  To have these fair-weather fans get their satisfaction?  I’ll have to hear about it forever.  But I live here.  Shouldn’t I like the home team?  Aren’t the A’s my home town now?  I’m so confused.  I tried cheering for the Giants and it felt so unnatural.  I think that when you are meant to be a fan of a team, you just know.  It fits.  And this doesn’t fit.  I’m just not a Giants fan.  I’m happy for all my friends who are true fans (and yes, there are some real Giants fans out there and I didn’t mean to offend them by generalizing most of the fans in the area as fair-weather) and I am proud to live in the Bay Area and glad for their success.  But I’m never gonna love them like I should.  I’ll never be able to go to a sports bar and cheer for them like they’re my one and only team.  Apathy is a terrible thing, but I’m just being honest.

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