Doctor, doctor, give me the news…

I apologize in advance for the only semi-sports posting here.

Watching the first NFL game of the regular season, I start thinking about setting my fantasy roster for Sunday.  It’s so nice, in the first few weeks of the season.  So few of your players are banged up and injured that the world is your oyster.  There is no stress about whether someone is going to get over a concussion quick enough or whether someone’s hamstring injury will limit their agility.  

Injuries are sort of like problems in a relationship.  The most dangerous ones are the ones you can’t diagnose, or the ones you can, there is no cure for.  Some relationship problems there is no silver bullet, no surgery you can get, no exercise you can perform, no pill you can swallow to make it better.  Some relationship problems are like a concussion.  I got a mild concussion one time.  I remember the headache and the dizziness, weakness, nausea.  I remember the sleepless nights.  There wasn’t anything I could do, but hoped that it got better.  Concussions can be dangerous when they happen too often.  The more someone gets concussed, the more likely the concussions are to get progressively more serious, and sometimes fatal.  It’s not unlike a serious relationship issue.  You get through it, but the fact that you went through it is always there, bubbling below the surface, and each time it resurfaces, it gets more volatile and more likely that you might die from it, the relationship might die from it.  

But injuries are part of the territory, right?  Tom Brady has had eight surgeries in four years.  And just today, he got into a car accident and emerged unharmed.  Makes you wonder if some problems in a relationship just come with the territory too.  That maybe there isn’t a perfect relationship.  That just like an NFL game, you can’t emerge without bruises and scrapes, maybe some fractures.  Maybe there isn’t such thing as a football player that doesn’t break a bone every once in a while, all the great ones do right?  Adrian Peterson has broken his collarbone twice.  Maybe you have to risk the injury, put yourself out there, for the reward.

Maybe it’s more about knowing when to quit.

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