Instant Results

I’m a night-owl (which is why I am still awake right now and blogging instead of getting my beauty sleep).  I tend to stay up so late the only two things on tv are infomercials or re-runs of sportscenter (maybe an occasional three-year old world series of poker marathon).  I watch these infomercials, promising that only working out with this weird device that shakes in your arm, eliminating the need to really put any effort into “working” out, will tone your muscles instantly.  There’s diet plans and pills with before and after shots that are thinly veiled…clearly they aren’t the same people.  But in the end, they give the people what they want….instant results.

The good people of Baltimore are no different than the rest of the infomercial audience.  Buck Showalter is making a difference already, as the Orioles win today, Showalter’s first game as the team’s manager.  And this just isn’t any old team.  This is the worst team in the MLB.  And they won by three runs.

Just like the diet powder and strange strap contraption that you wrap around your stomach, flip a switch and let it giggle you into shape, we are expecting instant results from Showalter and his amazing track record.  The dangerous thing about instant results, is they aren’t always LASTING results.  Here’s to hoping the O’s don’t slide back into their “before” picture, before too long.

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