Root, root, root for the home team…

People like professional sports teams for strange reasons.  Someone’s dad used to live in New York, so they like the Yankees even though they’ve lived in California all their lives.  Someone’s first boyfriend was a Cowboys fan, so despite living in Chicago, you are donning a Romo jersey.  The best ever is the situation where you grow up somewhere and just despise the home team so bad that you cheer for their rivals, whereever they might be located.

Forget about that.  I’m talking about choosing a team to cheer for in the World Cup.  That should be easy, right?  You live in America, so cheer for the USA.  What’s so hard about that.  Well, it’s not always trendy to cheer for the USA when the USA has been a political embarassment for the past ten years.  I say, who cares.  Be a little patriotic, just every four years.

I am mixed with a few diverse ethnicities, so my priorties are 1) USA, then whatever else happens to be in my bloodstream.  Others are taking a different route. 

A coworker of mine refuses to root for any team that 1) is a historical “bad guy” or a colonizer.  That basically rules out most of the old world powers and any axis power countries of wars past.  She also refuses to root for any team who’s primary cooking method is “boiling their food”.  She claims this also includes Germany so that’s two strikes against them. 

My friend Sarah rooted for ENGLAND during the USA v. England match.  How can you do that, and call yourself an American?  I should throw a PBR at your head to knock some sense into you.

Another, more acceptable method for chosing a team is to cheer for the home team.  Ghana is the only remaining African country.  Even though they beat the USA in order to advance, I still think you can cheer for Ghana and hold your head up as having taken a respectable high road, in keeping Africa in Africa’s world cup.

The bottom of the barrel methodology includes thinking someone on some team is “hot”, liking the jersey colors of a particular team (what, no love for the Slovenia “Charlie Brown” jersey?), and of course, the worst thing you can do, is root for the Goliath, BECAUSE they are the Goliath.  If you’re from Brazil, or have some other valid reason to like them, go ahead.  But as far as I’m concerned, it’s just as bad as being a Yankees fan, a Duke basketball fan.  Show some love for the underdog and hop off that bandwagon before I push you off.

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